We came from nothing


Frank Dordel

I was born in NRW-Scene in Germany.

I think it was at the 28th of December in1968. As fast it could be i felt in love with different styles of music.

  • Mischpult : Allen & Heath ; Xone:62
  • 2 Plattenspieler Technics MK2
  • Reloop RCD-800 S
  • Sony Compact Disc Recorder RCD - W100

Bands like

AC//DC, KISS , SimpleMinds or KateBush

and there new releases followed to the needles of my first TECHNIKSMK2. Influences from FUNK,AcidJazz came to it and together we decidet to mix every kind and style of good musik together. It was not some wimpy hippy shit! No!! I bought my first mixer second hand and up to this moment i tried to get better with it. I think it worked. Well knowing about the technical movements i think i was able to modern it up.i

In the beginning of 1993

i started to make my own parties.

The first four movements where called `takeyourclotheoff-parties`and where hornycrazy(YaYa). My first residency i became from RaceClub / Germany and i was very proud of it. This Engagement i got from early1995 upto oktober1996, than the club was closed because of some problems with the country NRW. With my friends and my guests i was able to prepare a good music show all night long!

I worked on my djing

and sold records like a homie to my friends,

some good and some bad guys and to myself. I got some relationships to frankfurt and BERLIN and this is up to now one of the cities i get mostly inspiriered. In the beginning of 2002 i stopped djing because i felt overdosed about nightlife, myself, some mighty friends and my own records. I started travelling to nearly all the places i dreamed of .This is what i do up to 2007. But i started also djing again because i cannot live without it. My Style in my music keeps in many different kinds of techno and electro and has influences from all the good old stuff like Prince, JamesBrown, davidBowie etc. MOST OF ALL I LIKE PLAYING AFTERHOURS! So, i have to say thanks to everybodey joining my site and wish you all the best.






  • Ruhrarea - RaveClub (Resident)
  • Düsseldorf - Ratinger Hof
  • Neuss - Tribehouse
  • Münster - Depot
  • Wupperthal - U-Club
  • Mainz - Magma
  • Oberhausen Pauls Houseclub (Resident)
  • Oberhausen Tempel Afterhour(Resident)
  • Oberhausen Ex-CultureClub Camasutra Events
  • Mülheim - Schifferhaus
  • Limburg - Elements of Life
  • Ibiza - Futura Somnia
  • Madrid - Bella Etage
  • Bochum - Planet
  • Dortmund - Factory Afterhour
  • Mannheim Timewarp Afterparty
  • Bionic Beats Partyreihe
  • Würzburg - Airport
  • Kusel - Mixery Castle
  • Berlin - Eingang 28
  • Landschaftspark Duisburg - PHUTURE CLUB
  • Amsterdam / Outland Gallery
  • Berlin / Sushi guerilla
  • Berlin / "Boxhagener Strasse" / Friedrichshain
  • Sushi guerilla Resident
  • WRCK
  • u.a. Secret Garden
  • diverse OpenAir`s